Rajesh Maingi provided information on two NSTX discharges that represent total plasma current scan on NSTX.

In addition to eqdsk files the following profiles are provided

vtfit_r_shot_time_runid.dat: VTOR VS R
vtfit_shot_time_runid.dat: VTOR VS PSI
tifit_r_shot_time_runid.dat: TI VS R
tifit_shot_time_runid.dat: TI VS PSI
tefit_r_shot_time_runid.dat: TE VS R
tefit_shot_time_runid.dat: TE VS PSI
ptotfit_r_shot_time_runid.dat: PE+PI VS R
ptotfit_shot_time_runid.dat: PE+PI VS PSI
pifit_r_shot_time_runid.dat: PI VS R
pifit_shot_time_runid.dat: PI VS PSI
pefit_r_shot_time_runid.dat: PE VS R
pefit_shot_time_runid.dat: PE VS PSI
nifit_r_shot_time_runid.dat: NI VS R
nifit_shot_time_runid.dat: NI VS PSI
nefit_r_shot_time_runid.dat: NE VS R
nefit_shot_time_runid.dat: NE VS PSI
fzfit_r_shot_time_runid.dat: CARBON FRACTION VS R
fzfit_shot_time_runid.dat: CARBON FRACTION VS PSI