Effect of evolving q-profiles on the temperature prediction for the discharge 164510

In the simulation 164510T20, the plasma current is evolved and q-profiles are recomputed. The TEQ module is used to evolve the equilibrium. At both times of interest, the plasma current is redistributed to produce higher plasma current densities in the plasma core and lower plasma densities at the plasma edge:
Currents at 4.1 secCurrents at 5.01 sec
The predicted q-profiles are lower in the plasma core and smoother comparing to the experimental profiles. The differences in the q-profiles are especially large at 4.1 sec:

The agreement with the experimental data has significantly improved at 4.1 sec:

and almost did not change at 5.01 sec:

The MMM7.1 module still over-predict the ITG transport in the plasma core.