About us

Alexei Pankin received his Ph.D. in Physics and Chemistry of Plasmas at the
Institute of Nuclear Research in Ukraine in 1999. After completing his Ph.D., he moved
to the Lehigh University for postdoctoral training. During his postdoctoral
training, Alexei Pankin contributed to the development of the National
Transport Code Collaboration project, which was aimed to integrate major
transport predictive models and to create fully web-invocable interface to
the international profile database. Working with scientists from the Princeton
Plasma Physics Laboratory, he obtained an experience in the numerical techniques
used for modeling of energetic-particle physics and in the NUBEAM module.
In 2004, Dr. Pankin joined the fusion research group at the Science Application
International Corporation, where he worked on the development of the extended
MHD NIMROD code. Dr. Pankin rejoined the Lehigh University as a senior research
scientist in May 2006. From 2011, Dr. Pankin works at Tech-X Corporation.